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these violent delights

 creator + performer 

Inspired by a scene from Romeo & Juliet that no one seems to remember, these violent delights asks: Why do we think a memorial can represent history and loss? How can a specific monument enfold larger issues of cultural memory and capital? And what, if anything, is sacred?

SFU Woodward's

Vancouver, Canada

SummerWorks Performance Festival

Toronto, Canada

Conceived & Directed by Cole Lewis

Assistant Directed by Patrick Blenkarn + Mischa Shadloo

Set Design by Brian Dudkiewicz + Logan Williams

Costume Design by Logan Williams

Lighting Design by Kaileigh Krysztofiak

Projection Design by Michael Bergmann

Sound Design by Sam Ferguson

Performed by Jessica Del Fierro, Alexa Fraser, Dominique Hat, Evan Medd, Nicola Rough, Emilyn Sim, Montserrat Videla Samper, Matthew Winter, Johnny Wu+Jordan Zanni

Voice by Shira Leuchter

Photographs by Dahlia Katz

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