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The Wolves


A pack of adolescent girls prepares for battle on the soccer field. As they grapple with everything from pop culture to politics, the girls establish their identities as individuals and as a team. Who will come out on top?

October 18 - November 10, 2018

Produced by With a Spoon Theatre
a guest production at Pacific Theatre
in association with Rumble Theatre

Vancouver, Canada

Directed by Jamie King

Written by Sarah DeLappe

Lighting design by Nicole Weismiller
Sound design by Matthew MacDonald-Bain
Costume design by Chantal Short

Stage Management by Victoria Snashall


Outstanding Direction (Small Theatre)
Outstanding Production (Small Theatre)

#00 - Kim Larson
#2 - Amanda Sum/Anjela Magpantay
#7 - Danielle Klaudt
#8 - Georgia Beaty
#11 - Jalen Saip
#13 - Ali Watson
#14 - Montserrat Videla Samper
#25 - Shona Struthers
#46 - Paige Louter
Soccer Mom - Tanja Dixon-Warren

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