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Passenger Seat

 performer + collaborator 

Passenger Seat is a devised theatre concert about love. Falling, flailing, in and out and around love. Using pop-rock songs and stories that pay homage to queer youth, Arthi, Howard, Hannah, Isabella, Thule, and Montserrat are a band. 

September 9 - 19th, 2021 

Workshop Presentation

Vancouver Fringe Festival

Vancouver, Canada

March, 2022 

Workshop Presentation

Vancouver, Canada

Concept and Direction by Arthi Chandra

Performed by Arthi Chandra, Howard Dai, Hannah Meyers, Thule van dem Dam, Isabella Halladay, Montserrat Videla

Photography by Chelsey Stuyt

May, 2022

rEvolver Festival

Vancouver, Canada

January, 2023

OUTstages Festival

Victoria, Canada

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