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 collaborator + performer 

A live performance and audio/video installation, nómadas takes it inspiration from the current large-scale movements of bodies across international spaces as a type of chaotic transnational choreography that speaks to what cultural theorist Stuart Hall calls, a "contemporary travelling, voyaging and return as fate, as destiny […] as the prototype of the modern or postmodern New World nomad, continually moving between centre and periphery” (Hall in Rutherford, J. 234:1990).

nómadas is part of choreographer Henry Daniel's larger, long term Contemporary Nomads research project, which explores the "deep fragmentation which exists between communities within as well as outside national borders, between nationalized and personalized bodies, and between social and political institutions and the ordinary people they were meant to serve." (Daniel, 2017).

November 22 - December 2,  2017 


Dance Mainstage

SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

Vancouver, Canada

September 28-29, 2018

nómadas (excerpts)

Migration and Multiculturalism Conference

Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theater, SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

Vancouver, Canada

nómadas 2017 team:

Choreography + direction by Henry Daniel 

Set design by Alan Storey

Sound design by Adam Basanta

Media design by Chimerik似不像

Dancers: Allison Vicente, Amy Griffith, Anja Graham, Caitlin McKinnon, Jeremy O’Neill, Kadin Vanden Heuvel, Kaia Shukin, Kestrel Paton, Kevin Locsin, Lynnelle Sura, Montserrat Videla Samper, Nelle Lee, Seana Williams, Vienna Wong, Yian Chen. 

Dramaturgical assistance by Sasha Kleinplatz, Laura Albert

nómadas The Installation team:

Concept+Choreography+Direction by Henry Daniel

Text written and voiceover by Montserrat Videla Samper

Video/Film Installation
 by Emily Bayrock, Asad Yahya, Katrina Mugume, Henry Daniel

Set design by Alan Storey

Media design by Sammy Chien, Shanghan Chien

Sound design by Joel Lagemaat

Performers: Caitlin McKinnon, Kaia Shukin, Nelle Lee, Lynnelle Sura, Vienna Wong

Kestrel Paton, Kadin Vanden Heuvel, Anja Graham, Amy Griffith, Kevin Locsin, Allison Vicente

Seana Williams, Montserrat Videla Samper, Jeremy O’Neill, Nyssa Song, Sammy Chien, Shanghan Chien, Kevin Kim, Howard Dai, Henry Daniel

nómadas (excerpts) 2018 team:

Choreography by Henry Daniel

Text written and performed by Montserrat Videla Samper

Dancers: Marc Arboleda, Nelle Lee, Kaylee Louie, Eden Solomon, Juan Villegas, Seana Williams

Musicians-Fringe Percussion: Luke Hildebrandt, Brian Nesselroad, Greg Samek, Daniel Tones

Documentation by Henry Daniel

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