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Como perro que vuelve a su vómito

 performer + creator 

Set in a liminal hospital waiting room, Como perro que vuelve a su vómito (working title) is a performance exploring a daughter’s relationship to her mother’s body. Exploring an aesthetics halfway between performance and theatre, the show is a ceaseless research into the separation of bodies that used to be one—expect fluids, garbage bags, dirt, fluorescent lights, and a mariachi band. Through surrealist symbolism and affective stage imagery, Como perro que vuelve a su vómito is a reflection on and a repository of solitudes.

Concept, performance, and creation by Montserrat Videla Samper

First conceived while in residence at GlogauAIR in Berlin in 2020, Montserrat Videla Samper has been exploring the central themes of the project in various contexts.

Below is documentation of early phase solo performance experiments as part of the Physical/Material Residency at What Lab in Vancouver in July 2021. 

Photography by Paula Viitanen

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