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Blue Borders


How do invisible lines have such monumental impact? Based on the personal experiences of Colombian émigré Laura Anzola, Blue Borders explores how whale communication and migration studies can create a path to understanding the complexity of immigration, the concept of borders, and our relationship to the world that we inhabit. Combining cutting-edge animation techniques and projection technology, Blue Borders invites the audience into a sensory experience never before imagined - a visual environment projected onto a dome and suspended over an audience floating weightlessly on the surface water.


Blue Borders will premiere at Calgary’s Beakerhead in 2021 as the final entry in Ghost River Theatre’s Six Senses Series.

October - November 2018


West Village Theatre

Calgary, Canada

January 2020


West Village Theatre

Calgary, Canada

Original idea+concept+direction by Laura Anzola

Collaborator and Staging Direction by Eric Rose

Script by Laura Anzola and Bibiana Rojas

Dramaturgy by Eric Rose

Performer: Montserrat Videla Samper

Animation Direction by Laura Anzola

Digital lead animation by Sasha Stanojevic

Experimental animation direction by Bibiana Rojas

Experimental Animation by Cecilia Traslaviña González, Diego Felipe Cortés, Tatiana Vaca Quintero, Blanca Stella Castellar Pacheco, Julian Arias Garzón

Generative Animation by Matthew Waddell

Sound Design by Carolina Lucio

Playback programming: Matthew Waddell

Composing by Eblis Álvarez

Projection Technology: Matthew Waddell

Technical direction by: Mark Eugster

Previous technical direction by: Marc Lavallee

Produced by Laura Anzola with production support by Ghost River Theatre and technical support by Axis-Z Media Arts

July 2020

West Village Theatre

Calgary, Canada

April 2021


West Village Theatre

Calgary, Canada

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