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 performer + collaborator 

After a serial killer strikes again in her hometown, welfare kid Nicole heads south of the border to stay with her father, a boozy, fist-swinging Vietnam veteran. Jumping from crap car to seedy bar to crap car, 12-year-old Nicole hunts for a way out, unscathed. With a distinctive blend of digital and analogue technology, 1991 digs deep into the culture of misogyny and the resilience of youth.


In the Soil Festival

St. Catharines, Canada


Why Not Theatre’s RISER Project

Toronto, Canada


SFU Woodward’s

Vancouver, Canada


Feminist Fuck It Festival, Storefront Theatre

Toronto, Canada

Written and Directed by Cole Lewis

Performed by Jessica Carmichael, Cole Lewis, Mina James, Montserrat Videla Samper

Projection Design by Patrick Blenkarn and Cole Lewis

Sound Design by Sam Ferguson

Lighting Design by Andre du Toit

Dramaturgy by Jessica Carmichael and Patrick Blenkarn

Produced by Claire Burns

Stage Management by Giuseppe Condello

Production Management by Carlos Varela

Additional Cinematography by Paige Smith

Video Assistance by Madi Lindsay

Graphic Design by Patrick Blenkarn

Social Media Designs by Nicola Rough

Collaborators: Clelia Scala, Nicola Rough, Arthi Chandra

Photos by Dahlia Katz

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